A mother and two children paddling in the sea at a UK beach
Coastal safety
Warmer days and sunny weather make the ideal time for a trip to the coast, but don't let a visit to the beach catch you off guard.
Swimmer putting on bright pink cap for visibility in the water
Ella's Coastguard
A bright pink hat and float were a lifesaver for a swimmer spotted from the shore by a passer-by, being swept out to sea.
Surfer in a wet suit standing in tall grass by the sea
Sam's Coastguard
When an experienced paddleboarder headed out, he grabbed his phone and put it in a waterproof pouch. That decision would save his life…
Fisherman Hero
Their Coastguard
It started out as a normal day for these commercial fishermen, but the smallest of slips turned their day into an overboard ordeal.
our coastguard
Our Coastguard
Dawn and her family are all coastguards. When the pager goes off, they report for duty fulfilling different roles in HM Coastguard.
Emergency at the coast

Call 999 - ask for the Coastguard

Like the police, fire and ambulance, we’re an emergency service with the same 999 number.
Stay safe

Know where the dangers lie

Whatever your reason for being at the coast, there are dangers where you wouldn't expect them.
Your Coastguard

Join the Coastguard Rescue Service

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and our teams are on call 24/7 to help keep people safe.

In an emergency at the coast

Call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. If you are deaf or have a speech impairment, you can send an emergency SMS.


Our safety advice

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man on beach with child
The beach can be fun for everyone, but there are still dangers to be aware of and things to consider.
Check out our beach safety advice for top tips on staying safe.

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Young woman on phone while walking dogs along the coast
The UK's coast is a beautiful place to explore but are you aware of the risks?
Find out more about staying safe at the coast.

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There are many ways to enjoy the sea, from paddleboarding to swimming.
Check out our sea safety advice for top tips on staying safe.

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child on a boat
From motorboats to yachts, there’s a lot to consider on board in order to keep crew and passengers safe.
Our onboard safety advice will ensure you are well prepared.
coastguard on the beach

We do more than you'd think

HM Coastguard is much more than a 999 emergency service. Learn more about how we protect people, our coast and the environment.
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