A young man wearing a headset in a HM Coastguard operations room

Maritime Operations Officers

Maritime Operations Officers

Maritime Operations Officers help coordinate emergency response to incidents, gather information to inform operational plans and provide essential maritime safety advice.

Working within an operations room, Maritime Operations Officers have the ability to remain calm under pressure, excellent communication skills and will be confident in updating HM Coastguard control room operating systems.

A maritime operations officer working at their desk with multiple screens

Responsibilities of a Maritime Operations Officer:

  • Responding to emergency calls or requests for assistance.
  • Gathering information.
  • Contributing to the formulation of incident plans.
  • Alerting, tasking and supporting Search and Rescue (SAR) assets as directed.
  • Working alongside and liaising with other agencies, such as the police and ambulance service. 
  • Notifying other responders and interested parties as directed.
  • Providing situational awareness and updates.
  • Providing the public with maritime safety information and other knowledge, such as tide times and weather conditions.

You could be assisting with a variety of incident types, from maritime distress alerts to calls from members of the public along the coast. This is a role where you can help to make a real difference.

Our ideal candidates for the role of Maritime Operations Officers are adaptable and resilient, with a professional telephone manner and the ability to listen and question purposefully.

As a Maritime Operations Officer, you will help to make a real difference and will provide critical support in the response to emergencies. You won't be out at sea, but that doesn't make the role any less important.

Maritime Operations Officers work 12-hour shift patterns, which equates to 37 duty hours per week over a 12-month period. You don't need to be an expert in all things maritime, as we will provide all the training you need for the role, however we are looking for a number of core skills.

    Current Vacancies

    Check back soon

    Check back soon

    We do not currently have any vacancies for Maritime Operations Officers, however we will post these roles through Civil Service Jobs when they do become available.

    • A female Maritime Operations Officer in uniform stands with her arms crossed. Behind, a white lifering hangs on the wall with the words 'Belfast MRSC' written on it
      Jess Lee
      Maritime Operations Officer
      14 months’ service

      Hear from one of our Maritime Operations Officers

      What do you like about the role? 
      One very practical thing is having a shift pattern which really suits my lifestyle. I am very active and I enjoy sport. Being on shift four days on, four days off really suits my busy lifestyle and allows me to have a very good work life balance.

      Do you have any interesting facts about yourself? 
      Yes, I am a Tokyo 2020 Olympian and I was a professional track cyclist. I was also an Iron Woman in Cork 2023 and came third place in my age group.

      What would be your top tip for staying safe at the coast? 
      Be sensible. Don’t venture in the water if it’s risky and let people know where you’re going and when you’ll be home.

    • Chloe on call in an ops room
      Chloe Mainprize
      Maritime Operations Officer
      3 Years of Service

      Hear from one of our Maritime Operations Officers

      What made you want a career with HM Coastguard?
      My parents are part of the voluntary side, they saw a vacancy and said “I think you should do it” and it’s honestly the best thing I've ever done. I really enjoy it. There isn’t a day that I come in and have a rubbish day.

      Are there any jobs that you’ve been involved in which particularly stand out? 
      One job was a fighter jet that had unfortunately crashed into the North Sea. We dealt with all the coordination for the incident. That's one that will probably stick with me because it was a big job and it’s not something that happens every day. 

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