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Careers with HM Coastguard

Working for HM Coastguard

HM Coastguard is part of the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA), an executive agency of the Department for Transport (DfT). 

Whether you're starting out, seeking a new career path or joining us as an experienced professional, we have a hugely diverse range of careers available. Whichever you choose, you can expect to play a vital part in saving lives at sea and along our coastline.

Staff network groups

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency's staff networks are run by employees who offer friendly support, information and guidance.

Every year, we're involved with Pride events around the UK. We organise wellbeing and inclusion weeks where staff host ‘Lunch and Learns’ about subjects such as autism awareness, the gender pay gap, unconscious bias or the transgender community. We also invite guests to bring awareness to the agency on matters such as the menopause, or to share first-hand experience from the blind community.

Our staff networks include:

  • Mental Health Network
  • Women's Network
  • Positive Support Network
  • Multi-faith Chaplaincy Network
  • Carers Network
  • LGBTQ+ Network


Jobs spotlight

Aeronautical control room officer
Maritime operations officer
Senior coastal operations officer
Vessel traffic service operator

Aeronautical control room officer

Aeronautical control room officers are responsible for the coordination of aeronautical search-and-rescue incidents and deploying UK aviation assets to assist search-and-rescue efforts. Learn more about the role of aeronautical control room officers.

Maritime operations officer

Working from an operations room, maritime operations officers help coordinate emergency response to incidents and provide critical support in the response to emergencies. Find out more about the role of maritime operations officers.

Senior coastal operations officer

Senior coastal operations officers are responsible for leading, training, and managing a number of coastguard rescue teams as well as providing response to incidents along the coast. Learn more about the role of senior coastal operations officers.

Vessel traffic service operator

The role of a vessel traffic service operator involves taking mandatory ship reports from vessels and gathering key vessel information. Find out more about the role of vessel traffic service operators.

  • Tom Birchall talking to a Coastguard Rescue Officer in front of a coastguard rescue vehicle
    Tom Birchall
    Senior Coastal Operations Officer
    4 years of service

    Let's meet our Coastguard team

    How did you start your career as a coastguard?
    I went down the lifeguarding route. I worked on the beach environment for 10 years before joining the Coastguard, then decided it was time for a change and applied to be a senior coastal operations officer. I’ve been really enjoying it since!

    What do you enjoy most about your job?
    I enjoy working with the teams, so my favourite part of the job is delivering face to face training. I feel a sense of achievement knowing that I’ve given training and the team have gone out and delivered.

  • Jordan Grebby on the beach
    Jordan Grebby
    Maritime Operations Team Leader
    9 years of service

    Let's meet our Coastguard team

    How did you get into your role?
    I joined the Coastguard as a volunteer. I then started working in the operations centre as a maritime operations officer and since then I've climbed up each role until where I am now.

    How do you feel about being part of the Coastguard service?
    I'm really proud to get up every morning and put my uniform on when I come to work. Just to say that you make a difference to someone's life, gives you something to get up for.

  • Claire Smith sat in front of a map of the UK
    Claire Smith
    Senior Maritime Operations Officer
    3 years of service

    Let's meet our Coastguard team

    What does your role entail?
    We co-ordinate search and rescue, so anything from answering 999 calls to answering vessels via the VHF Radio. If there's an incident, we coordinate a plan and send the appropriate resources.

    Do you need previous maritime experience for this role?
    No, you don't need any previous experience! I was a watersports instructor previously so had an appreciation of being on the water, however you just need to be a good communicator and be willing to learn.

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