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Episode Six

Coastguard Episode Six

The action concludes in episode six on Sunday 6 August

In the sixth – and final – episode of series one, we will follow the rescue of a five people from an around the UK rowing boat challenge which has gone goes disastrously wrong, as they inch ever closer to an area of treacherous rocks. Over on the West coast of Wales, MCA surveyors are making an unannounced visit to two previously inspected fishing vessels and, at the iconic Seven Sisters cliffs, a family’s sightseeing holiday turns into a fight for survival. Meanwhile on the south coast, we will watch a Coastguard Rescue Team use their skills to help paramedics extract an injured crewman in severe pain from an awkward part of a commercial shipping vessel... 

A preview of the episode

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GB Row Challenge Race Rescue

‘It’s knowing when you need the Coastguard that’s the hardest thing.” 

Jason McKinlay said that he just knew when it was time to make the call to His Majesty’s Coastguard on the night the team SeaLegs retired from last year’s GB Row Challenge, when he realised the team had reached their limit and needed help. 

It was the second time in just over a week that the crew had struggled in high winds, big seas and heavy rain before ultimately deciding to withdraw from the challenge. 

The rescue will open the final episode of series one of Coastguard, on Sunday at 9pm (Channel 5). 

Three of the rowers have spoken to us about that night and their memories of what happened... 


The horror scenario for any parent: Cut off by the tide

It’s a horror scenario for any parent. To see your kids in danger and be powerless to help them.

Viewers will watch that scenario play out in this week's episode, as we see and hear from the mother of a family who went to the beach and very nearly did not return.
But fortunately for Katie, HM Coastguard was on hand to 'save three lives’ on the day her worst nightmare came to life. 


The visiting university professor from America and her two teenage boys, Henry and Sam, were rescued by the coastguard helicopter from a disappearing beach in the nick of time earlier this year, after struggling to raise an alarm. 
The family of three, on a day trip from London, were out exploring the fossil-rich beaches of the Seven Sisters white cliffs when they noticed the beach receding and the tide coming in. 

All it took was the slightest of miscalculations, about the time it would take to reach their destination – and safe escape off a beach bordered by the sea on one side and a cliff face of at least 50 metres height on the other – to leave the family in dire danger. 

And struggling for phone signal to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard. 

The documentary will hear directly from Katie, as she recounts one of the scariest moments of her life.

Katie added that she learned a lot in the harrowing experience and said she would never again go to a beach without checking the local safety advice. 

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