A male Regulatory Compliance Investigator looks at the camera while stood in a small harbour. He is wearing a personal floatation device.

Episode one

Series two, Episode one

We’re back! Here’s what’s in store for episode one of our TV series, Coastguard

Our hit TV series is back, and it really is drama from the start. In the first episode we see how being caught out by the tide is not only terrifying but how it can easily lead to tragedy. We also take a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the Regulatory Compliance Investigations Team as they investigate a late-night motor-cruiser crash on the Isle of Wight.  

Time and tide

For 85-year-old Julia, a walk along the beach in North Wales after visiting her parents’ grave quickly turned into terror when the fast-moving tide swept in. She was cut off and left clinging onto the rocks for her life. Every second counted for her and her rescuers.
A Coastguard winchman hangs from the winch above a choppy sea Watch now

Julia, who is a great grandmother, said: "The tide kept coming. It came to my waist and it came to my throat and it came over my head. The second time it came over my head it lifted me of my feet and I knew that the next one, I would be taken away. I started praying; I did not want to drown. But before it came in, these marvellous helicopter men arrived and took me up. I could not believe it. It was a miracle."

Stranded and surrounded

The first episode also takes us to Cornwall, where another dramatic rescue unfolds as rescue teams are called to the aid of a young couple trapped by ferocious, swirling seas in a remote sea cave.

The couple found themselves at the mercy of the sea fighting for their lives in conditions that put the expertise and resilience of all the teams to the test.

We watch on as rescuers from Portreath and St Agnes Coastguard Rescue Teams, two Coastguard search and rescue helicopters and the RNLI lifeboat from St Ives joined together, as they battle against the winds, waves and fading light in one of the most challenging rescues they have ever faced.
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A coastguard rescue officer in blue overalls sits against a dark backdrop



You’ll hear first-hand from the rescuers about the mixed emotions of fear and hope, as they work as one team to saves lives that day.

Coastguard Rescue Officer Jake Howard said: “It was very much a team effort. Everyone played their part that day. It was incredible."

Helicopter winch paramedic Ian O’Grady said: “A nurse came up to me and hugged me and just said thank you, because I do not have to tell this lad that his girlfriend has died.”

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