A male surveyor wearing a high visibility jacket and helmet looks at the camera. In the background, a blurred silhouette of a ship can be made out.

Episode two

Series two, Episode two

The action continues in episode two on Sunday 5 May 8pm

In the second episode of our behind-the-scenes documentary we see the coastguard helicopter crew at Stornoway work to their very limits trying to rescue an adventurer in the north Atlantic. MCA Surveyor Chris carries out an inspection of a bulk carrier in Teesside. Over in Cornwall, teams carry out a rope rescue in a perilous blowhole, while in Wales a stranded dog sparks a search for its missing owner. 

A chocolate Labrador with her female owner

Man's best friend

A walk by the coast is a treat for dogs and their owners – but it can go wrong when a pet runs off. This week a search is launched after a dog is spotted halfway down a cliff, and concerns are raised for its owner who is nowhere to be seen. Little did rescuers know that Peppa the dog has been missing for over a week. Her owners, fearing the worst, returned home to Germany without her.

Peppa the dog is recovered by Coastguard Rescue Officers, and it quickly becomes clear that her owners are safe, so the search is stood down.

One of Peppa’s carers said: “The family were devastated that they had to leave the scene and return home.

"Everybody locally just drew the conclusion that sadly she had maybe fallen into the water.”

Top safety tips

• Wear suitable shoes and clothing, and take food and water.

• Keep your dog securely on a lead, particularly near cliff edges.

• Take your mobile phone and make sure it’s charged.

• Be aware: dogs are easily distracted by sounds and smells and may dash into danger.

• If your pet gets into trouble, don’t go after them – call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Could you be a marine surveyor?

They are behind-the-scenes lifesavers whose professionalism keeps maritime workers and passengers safe at sea.

Surveyors at the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) have the job of ensuring the safety of UK flagged vessels and others operating in UK waters.

They have a range of powers and, if necessary, can detain a ship until the issues are resolved and it is safe to sail.

Principal Surveyors, like Chris Bates, are among the MCA's most experienced members of the Survey and Inspection team.  

In Episode 2 we follow Chris onto a bulk carrier in Teesside that faces being detained if serious safety issues are not resolved.  

Chris said of those he has helped in his job: “Overall, it must be in the tens of thousands: from ships crews, to passengers, to families waiting back at home for their people to return.



“The main people I like to think I have helped are the UK taxpayers. I don’t like to see their money being spent on cleaning up a mess created by a ship or shipping company."  

Chris’s expertise stems from his 16 years in the role. Previously he spent some time in the nuclear industry, so safety is second nature.  

He studied nautical science at a maritime school before going to sea for 30 years, serving on a range of vessels.

Chris (60), from Birmingham, is also a volunteer blood biker carrying medicines, organs, blood, medical records and medicine wherever it is needed.

Find out more about working as a surveyor and the job opportunities available.

Also in this episode

Coastguard rescue teams from Padstow and Newquay are sent to a Cornish blowhole after 5 people became trapped.

Travone Round Hole was formed by a collapsed sea cave, it is 80ft deep and will flood at high tide. The group of walkers got stuck in the notorious hole, unable to exit the hole safely as the sides are slippery and crumbly.

We see the teams carry out a technical rope rescue, bringing everyone to safety.
A coastguard rescue team performing a cliff rescue Watch now

Did you know that coastguard rescue teams can be sent to all types of incidents, such as people trapped on cliffs, stuck in the mud, in need of help in the water, or to carry out missing person searches.

In an emergency at the coast, it’s really important that we get the right help to you as quickly as possible. So, remember call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

If you missed any episodes of Coastguard, don’t worry - you can always catch up on My5.

Want to make a difference?

Career opportunities
Volunteer as a Coastguard

Career opportunities

Volunteer as a Coastguard

Find out more about becoming a volunteer Coastguard Rescue Officer.

Coastguard airs on Sundays at 8pm on Channel 5. Find out more about each episode so far.

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